ATTENTION AGENCIES! If you have any of our MANNA totes, please bring them back — we need them!

Bread and Produce available for pickup at MANNA between 1-3

As of today, April 14, the following items are available for pickup at MANNA between 1-3 pm:

Bananas: 1 pallet
Cucumbers: 3 pallets (half bad)
Misc: 1 pallet
Potatoes: 2 pallets (going bad)

Bakery: 5 pallets
Bread: 7 pallets

Call ahead to see if it’s worth a trip. And keep checking back for date & list of products.

Annual Agency Satisfaction Survey for 2013

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It’s that time again! Time to tell us about your experience as a MANNA partner in 2013. Just 10-15 minutes of your time can help us understand what items you need most, what worked well for you last year, and where we can improve. We have a new section containing questions about your interest in getting volunteer referrals from MANNA, in the event that someone in from your area is looking for a local opportunity.

The deadline for submitting a survey is Friday, April 25th.
Only one survey per agency, please.

Thank you for being an integral part of the MANNA Network. We couldn’t have provided 12.8 million pounds of food in 2013 with YOU, our inspiring partners!

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Want To Know if MANNA Will Be Open During Inclement Weather?

Call MANNA after 6:30am at (828)299-3663. When you hear the recorded greeting, dial 2-2-5.

Coming Soon: Grant Opportunities

This section is in the works – thank you for your patience!


1. Please do not send cash when paying your bills. MANNA does not accept cash payments.
2. On your check, please note your agency number and the invoice(s) you’re paying, and include a note of explanation if necessary.
3. Please be careful that you don’t send in duplicate payments for the same invoice.
4. Agencies must make sure that their shoppers bring the invoice back to the agency for payment.

MANNA Partner Agreement and Liability Release Forms

Partner Agency Agreement

Liability Release Form


Online Safe Food Handler Certification

Training Costs $15, register/attend online, complete at own pace, lasts 3 years.

Instructions for online training: online-fst-option-flyer.pdf

Click here to go to the Training Website


Beginning mid-July 2013, the following new codes will be added to the online inventory (see below). These are items that come in through various channels in small quantities or mixed varieties. Previously, they were made available to partners on our salvage floor in Asheville. Starting mid July, we will be putting mixed boxes of these items into inventory, according to the categories listed below. If you have any questions, please call 828-299-3663 and ask to speak with distribution.

9000 MEALS/ENTREES, an assortment of:
• Soup
• Canned Meat & Fish/Seafood
• Pasta Meals (Boxed & canned like Spaghettios, mac-n-cheese, etc.)
• Beans
• Peanut butter (because it’s a shelf-stable protein)

9005 VEGETABLES, an assortment of:
• Canned vegetables, including mixed
• Tomato based pasta sauces

9010 FRUIT, an assortment of:
• Canned fruits, including cocktails
• Applesauce

9015 RICE, an assortment of:
• Rice side dishes (like Rice-a-Roni)
• Brown and white rice
• Zatarain’s

Note: Pasta will be available both on the floor and in the online inventory.

Here is an expanded listing of our most popular item codes and how you can access them. sorting-guidelines-updated6-19-13-agency.pdf

CODE DATING – Understanding When It’s Safe Beyond the Date

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether or not it’s safe to use a product past the “Best By” date, then this is a document you will want to review.


Shopping rules:shopping-rules.pdf

Please remember that wearing open-toed shoes/sandals is not permitted when shopping at MANNA.

WHEN PLACING ORDERS: Please make sure you specify whether you are picking it up, or whether you are having it delivered by our mobile truck. Please remember that your order MUST BE SUBMITTED 4-5 BUSINESS DAYS (Monday through Friday) before your pickup/delivery day, or it cannot be filled. There are no exceptions. Late order will not be accepted. Your cooperation is appreciated.

New shopper orientation is held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 10-11:30, in Laurel’s Kitchen

NEW! MANNA Client Choice Video

The MANNA Message – Monthly Newsletter for Agencies

REMINDER: Links to the Monthly Client Data Surveys can be found in the Newsletters!

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March 2014
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January 2014
December 2013
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How to become a MANNA agency:

Watch the video at this link

Presentations from the 2012 ALL AGENCY MEETING:

Results of the 2012 Agency Satisfaction Survey: aass-results.pdf
Blank matrix for designing volunteer positions: successor-matrix-blank.pdf
Donor Development 101 presentation: donor-development-101.pdf
The Forecast from MANNA presentation: manna-forecast-slides_final.pdf
Avoiding Bu
out presentation: avoiding-burnout.pdf (From the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas)

Farmers’ Market Marketing Flyer:

Farmers’ Market flyer:farmers-markets-marketing-flyer.pdf


Parkers Farm Acquisition, LLC Issues Voluntary Recall of Products Due to Listeria Contamination – March 22, 2014

Consumer contact: 800-869-6685

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 22, 2014 – The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is alerting consumers to avoid eating certain peanut butter, cheese, salsa, and spreads produced by Parkers Farm Acquisition, LLC of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, after state agriculture department product sampling determined some of the finished products to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

There have been no reports of illness associated with consumption of the products. Parkers Farm Acquisition, LLC is cooperating with the MDA investigation and has issued a voluntary recall of all products with the “sell by” dates listed below. Consumers who have purchased these products are urged to return them to the place of purchase or discard them.

The products are distributed nationwide under the Parkers Farm, Parkers, Happy Farms, Central Markets, Hy-Top, Amish Classic, Say Cheez, Win Schuler, and Bucky Badger labels. These products were sold at several retail stores including but not limited to Hy-Vee, Cub, Rainbow, Byerly’s, Lunds, Target, Whole Foods, Price Chopper, Nash Finch, Costco, ALDI, Wal-Mart, and Brookshire stores. Consumers with questions can contact the company at (800) 869-6685 or the website: www.parkersfarm.com.

Any consumers who believe they may have become ill after eating the products should contact their health care provider.

Feeding America believes that none of the products being recalled were processed or offered through the national office.

ALL cased and uncased inventories, both at the member level and agency level, need to be checked. This product may have entered member and agency warehouses through salvage, local donations, TEFAP, local purchases, retail pickups, food drives, or other avenues.

For additional local details, please contact the Health Department(s) for the area(s) your food bank serves.

For full details on the recall and a list of the recalled products, click here

Infinite Herbs, LLC Voluntarily Recalls One Lot of Basil Organic Clamshells Because of Possible Health Risk – March 18

For full details on the recall, click here.

Dole Fresh Vegetables Voluntarily Recalls Limited Number of Bagged Salads Due to Possible Health Risk – March 14

Consumer: 800-356-3111

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 13, 2014 – Dole Fresh Vegetables is voluntarily recalling a limited number of cases of bagged salad. The products being recalled are Dole Italian Blend (UPC 7143000819), Fresh Selections Italian Style Blend (UPC 1111091045), Little Salad Bar Italian Salad (UPC 4149811014) and Marketside Italian Style Salad (UPC 8113102780) coded A058201A or B, with Use-by date of March 12, 2014 due to a possible health risk from Listeria monocytogenes. Dole Fresh Vegetables is coordinating closely with regulatory officials. No illnesses have been reported in association with the recall.

The product code and Use-by date are in the upper right-hand corner of the package; the UPC code is on the back of the package, below the barcode. The salads were distributed in 15 U.S. states (Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia) and 3 Canadian provinces (New Brunswick, Ontario & Quebec).

No other salads are included in the recall. Only the specific Product Codes, UPC codes and March 12, 2014 Use-by date identified above are included in the recall. Consumers who have any remaining product with these Product Codes should not consume it, but rather discard it. Retailers and consumers with questions may call the Dole Food Company Consumer Response Center at (800) 356-3111, which is open 8:00 am to 3:00 pm (PT) Monday – Friday.

We believe that none of the products being recalled were processed or offered through the national office.

ALL cased and uncased inventories, both at the member level and agency level, need to be checked. This product may have entered member and agency warehouses through salvage, local donations, TEFAP, local purchases, retail pickups, food drives, or other avenues.

For additional local details, please contact the Health Department(s) for the area(s) your food bank serves.

For full details on the recall, please visit this website


Meat & Poultry Hotline: The specialists at USDA’s Meat and Poultry Hotline can answer your questions about spring cleaning your kitchen and keeping food safe year-round. You can reach them at 1-888-MPHotline, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST (English or Spanish). Listen to timely recorded food safety messages at the same number 24 hours a day.
Helpful info on food safety & recalls: FoodSafety.gov
Your ultimate shelf life guide: Still Tasty
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s shelf life guide. Click here
Safe handling of fresh fruits & veggies: handling-fresh-fruits-veggies.pdf
For the holidays: turkey thawing & cooking tips:safe-cooking-of-turkeys.pdf
(1) Before a hurricane strikes, visit the Ready.gov hurricane page to find out what you need to do before, during, and after a hurricane by clicking here
(2) For a to-do preparation checklist, click here: tornado-preparedness-list.pdf

Pre-Application for Becoming a MANNA Partner Agency

Learn more about becoming a partner agency

If you are interested in partnering with MANNA FoodBank, please complete the form below and return it to the address specified, along with the requested supporting documents. We will contact you to let you know if your organization is eligible.

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