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    The Asheville Tourists Sunday Food Drives

    04/15/14. MANNA FoodBank is proud to be on the same team with Ingles Markets and the Asheville Tourists for this year’s baseball season. Every Sunday game at home gives you the chance to get a free ticket if you bring four cans of Laura Lynn food to the food drive. Sunday Home Games with the Food Drive May 5 &18 June … {read more}

  • Hinton Rural Life Center Poverty Simulation

    Real Stories

    03/20/14. Real Stories from Real People. This one is from Clay County, told by a participant in a poverty simulation. When you’re in jail, you can’t really help your family; I know I had let my wife down. I looked down at the job application in my hands, I need to be getting a job, not sitting in jail, but I … {read more}

  • Give Peas a Chance

    03/13/14. Beth Stahl is the mastermind behind our MANNA Pack program. Starting in 2005 with just one school and 50 kids in need, our program has grown to 16 counties, serving about 4,800 kids every week! With 4-5 pounds of food per MANNA Pack, that means distributing over 22,000 pounds of per week. Our MANNA Pack program is designed to help kids and needy families get through the weekend with some supplemental food. Learn more about … {read more}

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