Volunteer Requirements

In order to volunteer at MANNA FoodBank, we require you to fill out the Volunteer Application form below, attend an orientation, follow the rules for safety, and bring a great attitude!

Once you have done so, we can schedule you for volunteering. Thanks in advance for contributing!

Process for Volunteering

If you are volunteering as an individual:
Step 1: Fill out the volunteer application here

Step 2: Within the application you have the opportunity to sign up for a volunteer orientation. Orientation is required prior to scheduling. However, if you cannot attend a scheduled orientation, you may submit the application without selecting an orientation – you will need to contact volunteer services at (828)299-3663 ×245 to schedule your orientation.

Step 3: Attend the volunteer orientation that you have registered for. You will be receiving a
confirmation and reminder email for the orientation. It will be held in MANNA’s Volunteer Center at 623 Swannanoa River Rd.

Step 4: Once you have attended the orientation, contact our volunteer coordinator with your interest and availability to be assigned to a schedule. This step will be explained in detail at the orientation.

If you are volunteering as a group

Contact Volunteer Services at (828)299-3663 ×245

Step 1: Fill out the volunteer application being sure to include your group name.

Step 2: Within the application you have the opportunity to sign up for a volunteer orientation. You may skip this step; groups will be given an orientation on their day of service.

Step 3: Once you have attended the orientation, contact volunteer services to schedule your group.

The Rules of Volunteering

You will hear more about these at orientation, but these are the basics – Safety First!

  • Food Sorting Age Limits – we can work with all ages and encourage families, but anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied with an adult over the age of 18.
  • No eating, drinking, running, or smoking in the warehouse area.
  • Let us know 24 hours in advance if you must miss your scheduled shift, (828) 299-3663 ×245.
  • Attire – we are casual and comfortable here – dress accordingly, but…
    • sandals, heels, and open toed shoes are not allowed in the warehouse.
    • the warehouse is COLD in the winter and HOT in the summer – think layers.
    • Please leave purses, jewelry, and other valuables at home or locked in your car trunk.
  • Food and grocery items in the warehouse are intended for needy people and member agencies only. Volunteers are not to remove any products from the premises.
  • All volunteers should remain in the assigned work area. Please report to your group leader or Food Bank staff if you need to leave the area.
  • Please remember that clean-up is part of our work and keeps our work place safe. Your assistance and cooperation is much appreciated.


Group contact/leader should confirm arrival and departure times as well as the number of group members with the Food Bank’s Volunteer Coordinator two to three days prior to the scheduled day. The group leader should also print a copy of the email confirmation to bring on the day of service in order to verify scheduling.

For groups that are regularly scheduled each week or month, please notify volunteer services at least 24-hours prior to your service date to change or cancel.

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