FNS Eligibility

To get Food & Nutrition Services (FNS), your household must meet income limits. The Department of Social Services (DSS) office will tell you which income limits your household must meet.

Income limits are updated every year. If your income was too high in the past, please look at the table below to see if you might be able to get FNS now.

Income Limits

People in household 200% Gross Income 130% Gross Income Net Income
1 $1916 $1245 $ 958
2 $2586 $1681 $1293
3 $3256 $2116 $1628
4 $3926 $2552 $1963
5 $4596 $2987 $2298
6 $5266 $3423 $2633
7 $5936 $3858 $2968
8 $6606 $4294 $3303
Updated 10/13

Your total income, before taxes or any other subtractions, is called gross income. However, the FNS program allows certain deductions to be subtracted from your gross income. These deductions include housing costs, child support, medical expenses (for elderly or disabled people), or child-care costs. The amount of income left is called net income.

Look at the income table to find out what the gross and net income limits are for Food and Nutrition Services. Most people in North Carolina now fall under a 200% Maximum Income Limit.

You think you may be eligible? Feel free to call Jason Turnbull to get started with the application at (828) 458-2568.

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