Brand Standards

Thank you for your support of MANNA FoodBank! Together we can solve hunger. We get a lot of support from a diverse group of organizations; we’d be happy for you to use our logo for your MANNA related event or benefit. Please use the following guidelines when using the MANNA FoodBank name or logo. Contact our marketing and communications team at for further guidance regarding fundraisers or events in which all or a portion of the proceeds benefit MANNA.

• The proper formatting/capitalization of our name is MANNA FoodBank.

• Our web address is – no www, and capitalized like this.

• The official phone number is 828-299-FOOD (3663). Phone/fax numbers use dashes, not periods or parentheses (except for the FOOD (3663) part).

• Our PMS colors are 144 & 371.

• Our font is Gotham for graphic applications, but Arial/Times New Roman are fine for general use. Using Gotham too much dilutes the impact of the logo/branding.

Of course we want our brand and logo to look its best as you add it to your promotional materials and websites. Please use our graphics when putting your materials together.

MANNAlogoFA manna-fa-logo-color.pdf MANNAlogo manna-logo-color.pdf MANNA FA logo MANNA FA logo MANNA logo b w manna-logo-bw.pdf

Thanks for making us look good! And as always, thanks for your generous support.

Together we can solve hunger.

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