Who can I contact to help keep MANNA and other food banks going strong?

Posted 10/25/12

After participating in UNCA’s FOOD DAY – an national day of celebration for healthy, accessible and sustainable food – many students were asking, “What can I do to help our neighbors in need?”

Right now the most effective action a citizen of North Carolina can take to help end hunger is to contact your state senators and representatives, here is a link to the NC assembly look up page so that you can look up the contact information for your state congress people. It helps if you know your zip+4.

Here are some talking points that would help to insure that our representatives continue caring about and supporting Western North Carolinians experiencing food insecurity.

  • Say THANK YOU for their past support of food bank dollars in the budget.
  • Let them know that you value and care for our vulnerable populations – kids, seniors, and those struggling to find living wages – and you want them to care too.
  • Ask them to please continue funding food banks in North Carolina at least at current levels – that is 3 million dollars for all NC food banks.

It’s as simple as that. Let them know you care and that you are paying attention. Also, it is important to just talk with your friends and family. Sometimes politics can be devisive, but you can stand proud knowing that you support funding that strengthens our community with a lifeline to food security.

Watch this space for more public policy and advocacy updates following the elections in November. Thank you for helping MANNA help others.

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