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When Working Full Time Isn't Enough

Posted 01/16/14

Joel Hudson is appreciative of North Carolina’s food and nutrition services or FNS (a.k.a food stamps). “I love MANNA, they’ve been good to me”, he drawls with a soft, genteel voice.

“I was working full time but I still needed money for food. I’ve always worked.” Joel is just like millions of other Americans trying to meet their bills while working low wage jobs.

After struggling a while, Joel met one of MANNA’s outreach workers and found out he was eligible for FNS – so he applied and got an EBT card.

“I was using the card to live, in the right way, for the food I needed to live on… for good food. I didn’t use it foolishly”, and he describes how he carefully budgeted his benefits to last him as long as possible.

Joel has a new job and is hopeful that he will no longer need the support of FNS, but he is thankful it was there when he needed it most, “It’s been a blessing.”

In Western North Carolina, where the economic recovery may not have touched your community, many people qualify for FNS even though they work hard. Times have changed – putting in an honest day’s work does not necessarily mean you can afford the basics in this economy.

While most FNS recipients are in households with children or someone with a disability, stagnant wages and rising prices have meant hard times for people that never thought they’d find themselves on food stamps. If you or anyone you know are wondering if they are eligible for FNS, check here to see the income guidelines and/or call Jason Turnbull at (828) 458-2568 for assistance.

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