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Posted 04/15/13


Our volunteers are so special to us, we couldn’t do it without ‘em! This month we are celebrating those volunteers that help out with the MANNA Packs Program. So many good people are involved with the program, but the maintenance team at Avery County Schools have earned themselves the VIP acknowledgement this month. Hats off to…

Heath Brookshire Derrell Pittman Jim Shoupe Josh Shoupe Danny Clark

This team, along with the support of the Avery County School District, took it upon themselves to get all of the MANNA Packs to the appropriate schools every Friday throughout the year. Tammy Woodie, Avery County School District’s Child Nutrition Director, says about the team, “We couldn’t make it happen without those guys and our district! The MANNA Packs Program means that many of our kids will not be going hungry over the weekends. It has been a HUGE blessing for our county.”

Special thanks to Heath, Derrel, Jim, Josh and Danny, but thanks to all of those in our community that have contributed food, money, transportation and spirit to our MANNA Packs Program. We are making a real difference in the lives of children across Western North Carolina.

Together we can solve hunger.

April 2014

This month’s volunteer spotlight focuses on someone who frequents the volunteer center. A special thanks goes out to..

Jim Bristol Jim Bristol
A retired math teacher from Colorado, Jim has lived in the Asheville area for seven years. He read about the opportunity to volunteer in the paper and soon afterwards he was packing MANNA Packs. Now he has a regular schedule each week sorting food. He’s been volunteering with MANNA for several years. When asked why he does it, Jim says he feels compelled to help out when given the opportunity. He knows that he’s volunteering for a worthy cause and that food sorting is always needed. He has a buddy he volunteers with (who would rather remain anonymous) and together they are a dependable and much appreciated force on the warehouse floor. MANNA runs on volunteer power, and we appreciate all of those donating their time.

Together we can solve hunger.

March 2014

This month’s V.I.P. volunteer spotlight focuses on work in programs, the special thanks goes out to… MC VIP
Marlene Champagne

Marlene has been an excellent volunteer in the Food Stamp Outreach program, making herself a fixture at a very busy local pantry. She brings organization, customer service and a lot of heart to the role. We appreciate the gift of her time and skills. MANNA is pleased to announce that Marlene will be joining our staff to support our outreach program in a one year, grant-funded position. Welcome, Marlene!

We appreciate the time and skills all of our volunteers generously donate; they are the reason we can get so much food out to so many people on a daily basis. Thanks to Marlene and all of our volunteer stars.

Together we can solve hunger.

February 2014

This month’s V.I.P. volunteer spotlight focuses on work in distribution. The special thanks goes out to…

Rick M
Rick Marlowe

Rick volunteers his time at MANNA twice a week every week. He’s been volunteering since 1996 and was even honored in 1998 as MANNA’s Volunteer of the Year.

When asked why he volunteers, Rick says, “I like the work, love the people.” His volunteering started because his company offered the opportunity; he continued because he liked giving back to the community.

Rick is an exceptional and valuable volunteer, having given thousands of hours of his time in the last 18 years. We sincerely thank and honor Rick as one of those who have made MANNA’s continued service and outreach possible. Thanks to all of those helping us build a stronger WNC.

Together We Can Solve Hunger.

December 2013

Michelle Laroque
We love our volunteers at MANNA and could not do what we do without them! Our V.I.P. Volunteer for this month is…

Michelle Larocque!

Michelle has stepped up to work twelve shifts at the Ingles Giving Tree – and that’s just how she’s closing out a year as an outstanding MANNA volunteer. She’s helped out throughout 2013 with volunteer coordination as well as doing shifts in the warehouse and at events. Volunteers like Michelle really help us stretch our dollars, add to our skill base and increase our reach. We are so grateful to all of those who’ve donated their time in 2013. You in the community are how we can keep providing for our neighbors in need. THANK YOU!

Together We Can Solve Hunger

November 2013

VIP Doug
We love our volunteers at MANNA and could not do what we do without them! This month’s spotlight is on the volunteers that help us do FNS outreach. Our V.I.P. Volunteer for this month is…

Doug Ryan!

Doug is a fantastic asset to our outreach team. He brings with him field experience in working with marginalized populations. His friendly, outgoing attitude is a hit with kids, seniors and Spanish speaking communities. He has a way of putting folks at ease as well as being very flexible and capable as MANNA has grown. We appreciate all he does in helping folks get the resources they need to feed their families. His work also helps relieve some of the pressure on our partner pantries and kitchens.

The programs department is happy to have Doug on their side, and we want to thank him for his dedicated service to Western North Carolina families in need.

October 2013

We love our volunteers at MANNA and could not do what we do without them! This month’s spotlight is on the volunteers that helped make our Empty Bowls event a smashing success.

Our V.I.P. Volunteer for this month is…Toni Williams!

Toni has supported MANNA for twelve years now – two as an employee of Biltmore Estates – and brings her professional service experience (and often crew!) to our MANNA events. She has worked tirelessly for the Blue Jean Ball and Empty Bowls – often working during the day and evening 12+ hours at a stretch. She has recruited whole teams of event volunteers from her workplace at the Biltmore Estate, and she’s been a leader in helping to raise the bar of professional service to MANNA’s special events. She’s got a cheerful attitude, works hard, and is unflappable and extremely gracious with any last minute surprises that come up when putting on an event.

MANNA is extremely fortunate to have Toni and her team of event professionals helping to manage our most important events.

As always, we appreciate EVERY volunteer that donates their time and skills to MANNA. Thanks to all of you that make our important work possible.

Together We Can Solve Hunger.

September 2013

emergency box volunteers

This month across North Carolina, food insecurity spiked. Many of our partner agencies have been reporting a dramatic uptick in folks coming to find food.

Always looking for ways to help, MANNA responded by putting out an emergency call for volunteers to help us pack extra food boxes that we could share across WNC.

Normally we only have one person as our VIP volunteer, but this month, the Volunteer Department has nominated as our VIPs ALL of the folks helping with the emergency food packing. Without their help, we could not have responded with 2400 extra food boxes for our neighbors in need.

This list is not completely comprehensive (a few may have shown up that didn’t sign up) but, here are the heroes that helped us out in a pinch. We thank you!

Ahmad Badr Leesa Flowers Barbara Goertz Amanda Gribble Suzanne Williams Martha Boesel Maura Mallis
Al Mojonnier Ann Mojonnier Joshawa Thompson John Tremblay Jennifer Eby Cathy Thomas Joanne Caulfield
Raymond Major David Demmer Celia Pratt John Schneider Mountainhouse Volunteers Jerry Atkins Marissa Moore
Graham Tunnell Joyce Birkenholz Yannick Brewster Kathleen Bronson Charles Gershon Suzanne Harter Barbara Goertz
Easter Seals Volunteers Christopher Hewitt Judith Hoy Michael Manley Cassy McElvy Marilyn Mullins Marilyn Mullins
Scott Stines Nicole Wong Tom Bellefeuil Frank D’Andrea Fred Heys Susan Maveety Bridget McCurry
Joyce Miles Ron Moss Nancy Richards Jonathan Rowell Charlotte Watson Dennis Bass Julie Brueing
Camping World of Asheville Volunteers Tyler Corbitt Jubilee Volunteers Ed Maguire Bill Reid Tom McMillan

Together We Can Solve Hunger.

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